The nuclear wasteland I once called home: Chernobyl survivor’s poignant self-portraits on pilgrimage back to the town she was forced to flee as baby

A survivor of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster has embarked on an emotional pilgrimage back to the place of her birth to photograph poignant scenes left abandoned when she was evacuated as a baby.

Alina Rudya was just one when her parents fled her hometown of Pripyat in Ukraine in the wake of the meltdown at the power plant, where her father worked, in 1986.

The 30-year-old, who now lives in Berlin, first returned in 2012 and is now looking to make another visit to complete her project to mark the 30th anniversary of the catastrophe.

The first part of the project, called Prypyat mon Amour, saw Rudya revisit places she and her parents had visited in the city, while taking self portraits in each location.

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