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Iraqi forces retake the Unesco-protected site from ISIS 

A statement released by Hashd al-Shaabi paramilitary forces said they had flushed IS troupes out of the ancient city of Hatra, which lies 80 miles southwest of Mosul. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Indian acid attack victim marries sweetheart

Kavita Baruni, 26, from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, married Nitesh Verma, 27. She was savagely attacked by two men after she rejected neighbour Saif, 25. The acid melted her face and scalp. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Leonardo DiCaprio marched in climate change protest in DC

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio joined thousands of climate change protesters in Washington DC to mark President Donald Trump’s hundredth day in office on Saturday. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Bella Hadid jets into New York after Fyre Festival debacle

Bella Hadid wore head to toe denim in New York City on Saturday one day after the disastrous Fyre Festival in the Bahamas was called off. She had promoted the event on social media. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Passenger plane crashes in Cuba ‘killing all 39 on board’

The Antonov An-26 aircraft owned by Cuban airline AeroGaviota came down in area known as Las Lomas de San Cristóbal that is ‘difficult to access by land’. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Delta pilot hits a woman in the face at Atlanta airport

While attempting to break up a fight between passengers last week, a Delta pilot intentionally punched a woman in the face at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Tesla self-driving cars to travel from California to NY

The Tesla CEO made an appearance at a TED conference in Vancouver on Friday where he spoke about the status of his driverless cars and revealed details about his radical tunneling project. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Mom with heart problem insulted for taking handicap spot

Emily Frye (pictured), 28, who has a life-threatening heart condition, found an anonymous note on her vehicle that insulted her for parking in a Kroger grocery store’s handicap spot in Indianapolis. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Three dead after air ambulance crashes in Texas 

Three people are dead after an air ambulance crashed overnight in Texas just south of the airport in Amarillo. The small plane went down about 12.30am Saturday. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Mantenuto family say ‘he saw something’ fighting ISIS

Former Disney star Michael Mantenuto, who was found dead this week after committing suicide, may have been troubled by his time with the Special Forces,his family said. Powered by WPeMatico  More →
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