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Video compilation reveals why ‘people are awesome’

A YouTube video compilation has emerged of some of the most incredible feats of the year so far from around the world and it’s had over a million views so far. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Southend Airport explosion: Firefighter battle blaze

Thick black smoke could be seen billowing from an aircraft hangar at London Southend Airport in the Essex seaside town, with six fire engines called out at about 10.40am today. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

World’s smallest hotels revealed

There’s an intimate hotel – and then there’s a hotel with only one room. Welcome to the world’s least roomiest lodgings, from Germany to the Canary Islands. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Orangutan shows concern over burns survivor’s scars in IN

Darci Miller was visiting Indianapolis zoo after traveling to the city’s burn center when she met Rocky the orangutan, who was fascinated with the fresh bandages on her neck. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Photos of food that look nothing like it should

Nature can sometimes transform normal fruit and vegetables into very weird shapes. One was lucky enough to find two bananas in one, while another found a thumbs up-shaped strawberry. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Relax and recharge at luxury boutique hotel Thyme

This 17th century boutique hotel in Southrop is comprised of a beautiful farmhouse, picture perfect cottages, a renowned cookery school and an award-winning pub, writes Louise Saunders. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

16 Secret And Fun Hacks That Will Let You Visit Scotland For Free

Fancy staying at a posh Highland estate or a fancy Edinburgh flat for free? Read this. Crash on a local’s sofa in Edinburgh for free. / Creative Commons Or spend a week at Forsinard Flows with friends. View Entire List › Powered by WPeMatico  More →

A World Of Opportunities Awaits Overseas

By Suzan Haskins, A legendary Latin lover once gave some advice to a younger man. “You cannot make Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Italian hotel displays separate ‘gay’ icon on toilet sign

The sign was labelled by an LGBT campaign group in Italy as ‘shocking’. It appeared in a hotel in Cavallino, near the southern Italian city of Lecce. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Peninsula Paris: Is this France’s most perfect hotel?

The hotel is a 19th-century classic French building that has been ‘meticulously restored’ by ‘some of France’s finest craftsmen’. And the service is meticulous, too, writes Ted Thornhill Powered by WPeMatico  More →
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