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World’s first ’emoji translator’ is ridiculed on Twitter

Like it or not, emojis are part of our world…but the news that a man, Keith Broni, from Dublin, has an entire career dedicated to interpreting them has been greeted with much mirth on social media. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

People reveal amazing gender transition transformations

Bored Panda has shared a collection of portraits of transgender people who are finally feeling comfortable in their own skin and their transformations are truly jaw-dropping. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Man fulfills wish to marry mother of kids before he died

A terminally-ill Australian man fulfilled his dying wish and married the mother of his children two days before he passed away. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Student knitter makes jumper for Kendall Jenner

A New Zealand woman who taught herself how to make jumpers at uni has revealed how she ended up knitting for the stars. Nicole Leybourne, 25, now has a jumper request from Kendall Jenner. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Woman who fell pregnant six weeks after giving birth

Eliza Curby, 27, from Sydney’s northern beaches, went from being a mum of none to a mother of three – Charlie, Jack and Wolfe –  in 12 ‘very short’ months. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Cake Wrecks share photos of misspelled baby boy cakes

The popular blog Cake Wrecks has been sharing photos of hilariously misspelled baby boy cakes, which have all managed to ruin the very simple message of ‘It’s a boy!’ Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Retro cocktails and bitter mixers are back in fashion

The demand for drinks first made famous in the seventies is on the rise as posting the glamorous cocktails on Instagram and the desire for bitter flavours has become surprisingly popular. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Yanet García shares revealing snaps from Colombian holiday

Yanet García, 26, from Monterrey, Nuevo León, in Mexico, has become an internet celebrity because of her good looks and curvy figure, which has been likened to Kim Kardashian. Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Paris Hilton: Women Accused Trump Of Sexual Assault For ‘Attention And Fame’

“They want to get money or get paid to not say anything or get a settlement when nothing really happened.” Powered by WPeMatico  More →

Men reveal the mistakes women make on dating profiles

Taking to anonymous secret sharing app Whisper, the men wrote honestly about the biggest mistakes women make when they are trying to meet their perfect match. Powered by WPeMatico  More →
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